Terms & Conditions

Role of Parents / Carer:

Regular support and practice is essential in order to ensure the best outcomes for therapy. The therapist will discuss appropriate strategies and activities that can be continued at home. It is essential that parents and carers are committed to carrying out the advice and recommendations away for the therapy sessions in order for the level of expected progress to be made



Current fees are displayed on the website and include time spent outside the session preparing the session, making resources and writing reports etc. Fees are payable by cash or bank transfer prior to commencement of the session Your appointment(s) is only secured once payment has been received.

Private health care users are required to fully pay the fees then claim them back through your insurance. It is your responsibility to claim fees back. It is recommended that you speak with your insurance company prior to appointments to ensure you can claim fees back

Fees are subject to annual review. Existing clients will be given notice of any change in fees. Fee changes do not affect therapy or assessment sessions booked and processed.



A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for a cancellation of an appointment. This can be done either by email or telephone.

If a cancellation is received with 24 hours notice or more there will be no charge.

A cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full cost of the session.

A missed appointment will incur the full cost of the session. This includes:

   - The Therapist attends the client’s home for a scheduled session and the client is not in.

   - The Therapist attends the client’s home for a scheduled session and is informed by the adult present that the session cannot go ahead.

   - The Therapist attends the child’s nursery or school for a scheduled session and the child is not there or cannot attend.

Please note that for sessions taking place in a school or nursery, it remains the responsibility of the child’s parent/carer to cancel the session.

If more than two sessions in a row are cancelled or missed, therapy may be put on hold until circumstances allow for regular attendance.

In the event that the therapist needs to cancel an appointment you will be informed as soon as possible and another appointment will be scheduled at a time convenient for both parties.

Data Protection:

All personal information will be treated confidentially and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (May 2018) All case notes etc are stored electronically. At times sessions may require video recording, consent will be gained prior to the session taking place. In the event that recordings are not deleted immediately they will be stored securely adhering to the same data protection guidelines.

Liaising with Other Professionals

In many cases children receiving independent Speech and Language Therapy may also be in receipt of NHS therapy. It is therefore the parent /carers responsibility to inform all parties of their involvement to ensure appropriate intervention and assessments. In order to provide the best possible intervention it is sometimes beneficial to liaise with other professionals involved for the purpose of information sharing. This can include sharing therapy targets, assessments used and the scores. Parents will be informed prior to Communication Station contacting the NHS therapist.


Tribunal Work:

We do not currently accept clients for the purpose of tribunal evidence or contribution..


Professional registrations:

Therapists working for Communication Station are members of accredited bodies including Health and Care Professions Council and The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy and adhere to professional guidelines set out by these.


Concerns /Complaints:

We hope that you never experience any concerns or complaints regarding Communication Station. In the event this does occur these should first be discussed with Communication Station directly to resolve the concern. If unresolved you can contact the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP) or Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)